RouteCap is a powerful algorithm-based optimization tool which can generate an efficient plan for your supply chain. The optimized plans generated adhere to time, zone, manpower and vehicle constraints as per your business operations requirement while balancing workload, minimizing the amount of resources utilized and maximizing savings.


RouteCap offers multiple functionalities which serve various business requirements. These features have been encapsulated into modules which serve specific business requirements while avoiding inessential features.


Powerful Algorithm

Find the most optimal solution to best utilize your resources.


Ease of Use

The UI has been designed to improve efficiency and keep the environment clutter free.


User based access control

Ensure data and model security by controlling and limiting who has access to the optimizer.


User Friendly Mobile App

Ensure data and model security by controlling and limiting who has access to the optimizer.Dispatch your optimized plan to the delivery staff and also track the status of each vehicle through the RouteCap mobile app on Android and iOS.

Operational Planning

Plan your routes while adhering to business, time and vehicle constraints. Maximize your operational savings while reducing the time taken to generate the plan.

Capacity Planning

Determine the business capacity and demand for various resources like manpower, vehicles etc. based on historical data and past resource demand.

Real-Time Planning

Optimize your resources and routes based on live demand. Maximize your savings by efficiently allocating vehicles to real time requirement. Ex: Food delivery, cab allocation etc.

Operational Planning



Efficiently converts the provided addressed into coordinates to calculate distances for an accurate plan.


Multi-depot planning

Plan your route across several different warehouses/depots with each containing vehicles with different capacities.The multi-trip functionality also allows vehicles to come back to the depot to reload and served more orders.


Dynamic Gantt

Visualize the plan and route for the solution while also viewing any violations of the constraints.


Multi Objective Route Optimziation
Smart Order Clubbing with time windows
Multi depot planning
Map View
Driver Mobile Application
Real time optimization
Access mobile app data offline
Multi trip Optimization
Optimization for same day pick-up and drops
Dynamic Gantt with violations visibility
Unassigned planning on dynamic gantt
Split Order delivery in same time window
Accurate Distance-Time matrix using cluster zones
Performance driven custom Optimization parameters
Personalized Solution support

Mobile App

Driver live tracking

Dispatch delivery details to driver

Aid driver navigation

Multi-language support

Android and iOS support




  • Accurate geo-coding of locations
  • Add business constraints and parameters
  • Maximize the deliveries and customers served



  • Accurate geo-coding of locations
  • Cluster deliveries based on type of order/material
  • Add business constraints and parameters
  • Minimize the operational costs


Courier and Parcel delivery

  • Plan for both pick-up and delivery of parcels
  • Accurate geo-coding of locations
  • Add business constraints and parameters
  • Minimize the turnaround time and improve delivery efficiency


Other Application sectors

  • Planned deliveries
  • Water bottle delivery
  • Airport drops and pick-ups
  • Leisure/travel/sports pickups and drops
  • Dynamic/Real time optimization
  • Food deliveries , Cab pick and drops

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