Why RouteCap ?

The smarter you plan your route, the more economical your resource costs and the more time you save.

Motivation Behind

Routecap is developed under the mentorship of Dr. Amit Garg. He holds a Guinness World Record in mathematics and presented India in global championships. He worked in USA for a decade doing complex optimization projects leading to millions of dollar savings for market leaders like Amazon, Penske and Genesys. It is developed by an experienced team of Scientists from top tier institutes who have successfully delivered 30+ Operations Research consulting projects for 20+ Global clients with 8 clients having turnover more than 1 Billion USD. This product would optimize the costs and operationally benefit any logistics or 3PL provider who would need to optimize their resources without affecting any operational constraints.

Why Us ?


20+ Global Clients

WHY US? ORMAE has served clients across geography mainly USA, UAE, Germany, India, Japan and provided custom built complex optimization problems in Supply Chain & Logistics.


8+ Clients Over 1B USD

Out of the client base , more than 8 clients have a complex operation with revenue over 1B USD. Customized solutions expertise and know how have been put into this product


Considerable Savings

ORMAE has built ininnovative optimization and data science algorithms to bring inconsiderable cost savings and efficiency inplanning. These algorithms along with best in class User Interface makes us distinct

What Makes It Unique